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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase products directly from OLMITOS?

No. OLMITOS has a network of stores that sells our products. In the section of the Web stores you may consult the nearest point of sale to your residence, both physical store and online store.

How should I clean OLMITOS products?

It is important to follow the maintenance and cleaning recommendations attached to the product. In general, is recommended to clean our products using only mild detergent in warm water. Do not use washing machine or tumble or spin unless the product label indicates otherwise. Do not use abrasives or bleach products.

How should I assemble and disassemble the travel cot?

You must follow the instructions for assembly and disassembly attached inside the product.

Remove the transport bag and undo the Velcro fasteners on the mattress.

Raise the four sides in turn until you can feel their hinge locks snapping into place. Lastly, push the floor down until it is completely flat and stable. Put the mattress in place. IMPORTANT: First raise the two shorter sides and then the longer ones.

To fold, remove the mattress and pull the strap to raise the floor of the cot. Press each four buttons on the handrail center in turn to free the hinge locks so that the sides can fold down. Fold the cot and wrap the mattress around it, fixing it with the Velcro strips and place the cot in its transport bag.

What I have to doif when I assemble a baby rocker, it seems that is crooked?

When we assemble the baby rocker for the first time and regulate the positions of the backrest or footrest, we must ensure that the legs of the baby rocker are straight, before closing the tabs of the sides. If only one side of the backup is a little lower than the other (this is not shown in the backup), the baby rocker will seem crooked at first glance.

What type of maintenance need the changing bathtubs?

It is very important that after each use, you must clean the inside of the bath with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Leave the changing surface fully open until it is completely dry inside. Dry the metal parts to prevent rust.

How should I use correctly the thermos to get the maximum efficiency?

  • Wash and rinse the product well before using and after every use. Hand wash for best results with the bottle brush.
  • For maximum insulation preheat or cool the thermos flask before use. Fill with hot/cold water, screw on the cap and leave to stand for 5 to 10 minutes before emptying. After filling, screw on the lid to increase thermal efficiency.
  • In order to minimize bacterial growth, do not use to keep warm milk products or baby food.
  • Please do not pour the milk powder directly into the heat as it can adhere to the walls. To prepare bottles it is best to pour the hot water into the thermo bottle and then add the powdered milk in the bottle and mix.

How should I clean the thermos properly?

  • DO NOT use abrasive pads or cleaning compounds, as these may dull the finish.
  • DO NOT use bleach or cleaning substances that contain chlorine on any part of the product.
  • DO NOT clean this product in the dishwasher.
  • Clean it with a brushbottle and neutral detergent after each use to prevent any residues inside.

Household products can be washed in a dishwasher?

No, it is not recommended unless the product label or instructions indicate the contrary. Keep in mind that the continuous washing in the dishwasher may cause accelerated aging, because high temperatures and detergents used in dishwashers are very aggressive, so can damage the printed designs and even the material.

Are our products safe for your baby?

All our products are manufactured according the strictest quality controls and safety standards, and are free of bisphenol-A and phthalates.

What is Bisphenol-A?

Bisphenol-A, usually abbreviated as BPA, it is an organic compound which is used for the production of plastics and plastic additives, which are often used in containers of packaged foods, water containers, food and bottles. The use of Bisphenol-A is suspected of being dangerous to humans in consumer products which wakes greater awareness regarding the exposure of this product with babies and toddlers.

What are the phthalates?

Phthalates or esters of phthalic acid are a group of chemical compounds primarily used as plasticizers (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility). One of its most common uses is to convert a hard plastic to another flexible plastic.

Phthalates are often used in nail polish, adhesives, sealants, paint pigments and children’s toys.

Children’s toys contain between 20% to 50% of phthalates about the total weight of the product, and these proportions were caused that many countries prohibited the manufacture and sale of such toys because they are a health risk.

How long does the warranty last and what does it cover?

Every new product has a legal guarantee of 2 years.

In case of a justified claim, the legal regulations will be applied.

Keep the sales receipts proof of purchase during the warranty period, which begins when the product is delivered (sales receipt date).

The period of the legal guarantee is divided into two sections:

  • If the product shows a defect during the first 6 months, it is presumed that the defect was already factory. If the seller does not agree, must prove that the defect was caused by misuse by the purchaser.
  • Over the next 18 months to complete the two years, any defect in the product should be analyzed by a technical service which will determine whether the fault was of origin or whether it was caused by improper use.

If the defect has been caused by misuse of it (for example, has fallen, has been broken or has been forced), shall not enter into the legal guarantee, and the consumer must pay for the repair of the product.

Warranty does not cover:

  • The wear and tear or damage because by excessive loads.
  • Damage resulting from improper or incorrect use.
  • Damage resulting from inadequate installation and operation.
  • Damage resulting from negligent operation or maintenance.
  • Damage resulting from improper alterations to the product.

Notify defects immediately to prevent further damage.

It is not considered a defect:

– Scratches are normal signs of wear and are not considered a defect.

– The wet tissues do not dry out or ventilate enough can become moldy. This is not considered a manufacturing defect.

– Sunlight, sweat, detergents, rubbing or very frequent washing may discolor the tissue, which is not considered a defect.

– Wet fabric is a normal manifestation of use. Damage caused by external actions are not considered a defect.

Check the product upon receipt to avoid problems later on. By purchasing the product, we recommend that you check the fabric, seams and zippers if they are well sewn and operating properly. If you detect a defect later, contact your dealer as soon as possible, who will contact with us to find out how to proceed.

How can I file a claim?

The Claims can be filed at the point of sale, as long as you attached the sales receipt. A clear description of the problem and how it arose, in some cases it is also necessary to send product images to complete information, and in that way we can evaluate the claim.

Can I get a Olmitos product repaired?

Our factory has its own repair service. To use this service you must go to the point of sale where you purchased the product and the store is responsable to manage the repair. For complete information and to be able to evaluate the repair, will be require a clear description of the problem and product images.

Can I get a Olmitos product repaired outside the warranty period?

After the expiry of the 24 month warranty, or if the defect that presents the product is not within the cases covered by this guarantee or when there are no invoice or sales receipt, OLMITOS offers its customers the ability to perform product repair out of warranty. Out of warranty repairs imply that all management fees are charged to the customer, including transport costs. OLMITOS provide customer who requests a repair estimate, once accepted that budget information concerning the shipment of the product and the payment of reparation will be sent. The preparation of this budget is not accepting any commitment or cost for the customer.

Are there accessories and replacement parts of discontinued OLMITOS products?

Accessories and parts for discontinued products remain available while stocks last. In order to check the availability of an accessory or replacement parts, you must be informed at the point of sale where you purchased the product or in your local shop.

If the shop where I purchased the product closes, where can I get it repaired?

In this case, you should go to the nearest point of sale for OLMITOS products. You can check the points of sale in the section STORES of the website.

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